the grant, 302 Pine st, abilene, TX 79601

The Grant is a 20,484 sqft structure in the heart of Abilene's central business district.  At three floors with a mezzanine, it provides, roughly, 6,000 leasable square feet per floor with an approximate, additional 2,000 sqft on the mezzanine level. 

In 2002, the infrastructure of this building was modernized and the building served as campus for the Texas Tech University Computer Engineering program.  Following that, the Abilene ISD leased The Grant as home for the Academy for Technology, Engineering, Math and Science.   Updates to the electric system, cabling, and communications are a benefit to leasing at The Grant.

While the structural elements of the building are complete, each floor will require a degree of finishing to satisfy tenants.  Currently, each floor is partially open with partition walls for private offices on the perimeter of each floor.    This open floor plan provides potential tenants a variety of options as they edit interior spaces to meet office needs and tastes.

The potential exists for the design to serve one tenant that would occupy the entire building, three tenants with a single tenant per floor, or subdivided space to accomodate more than three tenants across the building.  A 55-space private parking lot is included with rent for those leasing office space The Grant.


Currently, lease rates for The Grant are factored at a by-floor price and are as follow:

Pine Street location

  • first floor:  5323 sf at .90/sf/mo
  • mezzanine:  1827 sf .90/sf/mo

Second floor

  • Suite A: 1124 sf at .90/sf/mo
  • Suite B: 1285 sf  at .90/sf/mo
  • Suite C: 753 sf at .90/sf/mo
  • Suite D: 1240 sf at .90/sf/mo

Third floor: 5067 sf at .90/sf

Parking is located 2 blocks due west of The Grant on the corner of N. 3rd Street and Cedar.  We are open to subdividing space for smaller offices.  Please contact Barnett & Hill to discuss the price and the square feet you require so we can tailor rent rates and space to meet your needs.

Exterior improvements, including awnings and banners, will brand The Grant's identity.  Ownership of The Grant is willing to discuss brand / company identification displayed on the exterior, third-floor face of the building as a element of the tenant's leasehold.


The W.T. Grant Building is located at 302 Pine Street in historic downtown Abilene. The building was built in 1925 by the W. T. Grant Co. 25 Cent Stores which at one time operated more than 1,200 five and dime stores around the nation. William Thomas Grant formed the William T. Grant Foundation in the 1930's which has a short description of The Grant Stores history.

West Texas Utilities (WTU) utilized the building as its corporate headquarters for many years after WT Grant closed the local store. WTU modernized the building by replacing windows on the second and third floors and building a concrete façade on the front and back of the building. Many WTU patrons remember entering the Pine Street WTU entrance and paying their electricity bill at a large counter spanning across most of the first floor. The folded staircaseup to the mezzanine in the middle behind the counter was a prominent feature as well as cubicles lining the walls. The folded staricase still exists. At one time more than 300 WTU personnel worked in the building, many sharing over 200 cubicles constructed in every nook and cranny of the building.

Electricity deregulation caused WTU to abondon the building and donate it to the City of Abilene in the late 1990's. The Downtown Corporation of Abilene took control ofthe building in 2002 in order to renovate it for Texas Tech University Center for Exellence in Engineering Graduate Studies and Research. Rick Weatherl and Associates Archictecture supervised historic restorations including removing the concrete façade from the front of the building and restoring the awnings making the building appear much as it did during the 1930's.