multifamily management services

Barnett & Hill provides management services to 4, multifamily properties in the Abilene area.  Mesquite Square is the larges at 84 units, Brookhollow Garden Apartments has 44 units, The Quarters has 28 units and Hillcrest House has 20 units.  Alone, Mesquite Square barely achieves scale economies for management and the other smaller, units don't come close.  For this reason. these four units are managed from one central office.

Still, our management is can be scaled.  100+ unit complexes can benefit from a team that would be assembled from experienced management staff, maintenance staff and new hires.   Smaller complexes can be run from our office or, if your complex is under 100 units and lacks an office on-site, We can provide a depth of staffing to keep your front office running and your apartments functional.  The majority of our office team is hired from college students who've proven themselves in class and are looking for a line on their resume or an internship that demonstrates responsibility for employment after Barnett & Hill or with Barnett & Hill if they decide to pursue a career in real estate.

If you'd like to discuss our management services, call John Hill at 325.721.4428.