As a convenience to your search, Barnett & Hill culls Abilene area listings by list date.  These listings represent the most current single-family homes available for sale in Abilene, Texas.  All properties for sale on this pages have been listed, at most, three days and, as the photo below directs, we've archived this list in main navigation bar for quick reference.

Listings priced below $275,0,000 and sized below 2,750 will include an estimation of rent and cap rate for investors. As you utilize this measurement, please don't misconstrue: we aren't saying that a 2,750 sf home selling for $100/sf makes an ideal rental.  What we are suggesting is, perhaps, that $275,000 house you are considering as a rental is really a home and should be sold as a home (and selling homes is something Barnett & Hill does, too).