Barnett & Hill economist John Hill used 13 years of Taylor CAD data to identify the drift towards increased rental in the Abilene market due to cheap money and changing opportunity costs of alternate investments.  In his blog post The Landlord's Invisible Hand, the data revealed that the net result of 13 years of constructions has produced 1 new homesteaded home in the Abilene market.

So where are these rentals?  The map below illustrates, street by street, the mix of homesteaded and non-homesteaded homes in Abilene.  On the map, non-homesteaded homes are identified with a purple marker; homesteaded homes are identified as a green marker.  While not always the case, It is the assumption of this methodology that non-homesteaded homes are rentals.

To drill down a little deeper, click the marker associated with the parcel.  It will show appraised value, zoning class, year built, school district, improved value, land value, total property value.and exemptions - such as homestead - associated with the parcel.

Want to make a side-by side comparison of two neighborhoods to see the transition from green to purple? The two maps below are built using 2003 and 2016 Taylor CAD data.

2003 CAD Data

2016 CAD Data