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If you are interested in selling your home in the Hillcrest neighborhood, contact jon Camp. If moving to a new home in Abilene, Jon would appreciate your employment of his skills in that deal, too. As a landlord with property on "the Hill" and employment as a communications professor at ACU, Jon understands property in the Hillcrest Addition.  When you are ready to buy or sell, put this knowledge to work for you.  

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hillcrest addition

Using Taylor County Central Appraisal District data, we evaluated 32,106 residential properties in Abilene and discovered that: 

  • 20,184 or 62.9% were homesteaded.  
  • 6,659 or 20.7% were owned by homeowners over the age of 65.
  • the average Abilene home measured 1,695 sqft

Comparing the 285 homes that make up the Hillcrest neighborhood to our Abilene statistics: :

  • 184 homes or 64.4% are homesteaded which is 1.7% above the average for home ownership in Abilene
  • 91 homes or 31.9% are owned by individuals over the age of 65 which is 11.2% above the average for Abilene
  • the average Hillcrest Addition home measured 1807 square feet which is 1,12 sqft above the average.for Abilene

A comparative market analysis was devised for homes in the Hillcrest subdivision that had sold between 7/13/2016 to 7/13/2017. These homes are shown in the map below. 

This linked pdf summarizes each individual sale with sold price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and days on the market.  Highlights for the Hillcrest Addition include

  • Homes ranged from 1955 to 1984 for the year when built.  The average year built was 1964.
  • The largest home sold in the last year measured 2628 sqft.  The greatest price was $185,000.  The greatest price/sqft was $100.27. 
  • The smallest home sold in the last year measured 1206 sqft.  The lowest price was $88,000.  The lowest price/sqft was $60.12
  • The average sale price was $124,040.  The average size of homes sold in the last 365 days was 1,670 sqft.  The average price per sqft was $74.58.