Lease is between:  

  leased address:  
  leased apartment number:  
zip code of leased address:   

Lease term:  length of lease in months:    
  start date of lease:  
  end date of lease:  
  monthly rent (no $ sign):  
  total rent (no $ sign):  
  security deposit (no $ sign):  
  paid electric:   yes  no
  paid water?   yes  no
  paid cable?   yes  no
  paid gas?   yes  no  N/A
  number of residents:  

Does lease include:    rental application?   yes  no
  landlord's rules?   yes  no
  deposit itemization declaration?   yes  no
  joint occupancy declaration?   yes  no
first joint occupant  
second joint occupant  
  third joint occupant  
  pet deposit declaration?   yes  no
  pet payment (no $ sign):  
pet fee (amount kept, no $ sign):  
  pet deposit (amount refunded, no $ sign):  
  number and types of pets:  

Special provisions: