In one sense, Barnett & Hill performs like any other brokerage.  We use promulgated contracts to ensure the conveyance of real property, we have access to the multiple listing service to market your real estate, and we represent buyers and sellers in property deals.  Still, we'd like to think we bring a unique perspective to real estate in Abilene because:

All Barnett & Hill agents possess or are completing an undergraduate university degree.  Three of our agents have graduate work in business, economics and communications with gives us an edge in how we analyze your deal and market it to buyers. We feel this gives our agents a perspective that is distinct from most brokerages..

We are data driven.  Our agents know how to jockey data and are assisted by a Ph.D.-degreed partner in the agency to look for causal trends to assess the viability of your investment.

We're involved in our community to understand our community.  Real estate is a daily conversation - understanding how our non-profits, businesses, universities and our neighbors work together helps provide you with current information to help you with your deal.

We know how to ask answerable questions.  A real estate deal can be a source of anxiety - long and fraught with no's. We'd like to think we understand how to convert short-term frustrations to long-term solutions to bring your deal to bear.

Lastly, we'd appreciate your confidence and look forward to your call - any of our agents welcome the opportunity to discuss your listing  or purchase and employment as your agent to make your real estate deal happen.